Sleek’s accessories combine elegance with functionality to give you a wide variety of baskets, trolleys, corner cabinet accessories, Chimney & Hob Luxury Kitchen Designers, wall units and free-standing units for all your storage requirements. With decades of experience in providing services in the arena of modular units and kitchen accessories in India, Sleek knows Indian kitchens the best. While looking for kitchen accessories online in India, homeowners focus on functionality, smart storage solutions, aesthetics, and the modular kitchen accessories price list. Sleek’s modular kitchen accessories are designed to meet and exceed all your expectations under these headings. The dry storage zone of the kitchen is where consumables and non-chilled food items are stored. Sleek’s kitchen accessories list for this zone includes smart storage options such as streamlined larder units, premium tall units, corner carousels, flat baskets, perforated baskets, and dedicated baskets for thalis/plates and cup & saucers.Cooking zone is the area requiring all frequently used items to be within easy reach while preparing food. However, this need not result in a cluttered countertop. This is where spice racks, pullout drawers, and grain baskets come in handy. The cleaning zone is the area that contains the sink and the space under it. Sleek’s kitchen sink accessories include detergent pullout racks, bin holders, and fitment bins. Chimney & Hob Luxury Kitchen Designers.


If you are wondering where to find kitchen accessories near me, look no further – Sleek modular units and kitchen accessories in India is your one-stop-shop for all kitchen storage and style needs.


An elegant and effective way to store consumable foods.


Instead of letting a corner space go to waste, use it effectively as a storage unit with this solution.


Give your vegetables room to breathe by arranging them in this drawer.


Basket can be used in drawers to arrange your edibles as well as store materials neatly.


This neat accessory takes up little space and yet utlises it effectively to store your jars.


This unit helps keep your waste disposal bins in place and out of the way.


Dispose your waste out of sight with this accessory.


Keep all your fancy glasses and plates neatly arranged, and your surfaces dry.

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