Sleek Modular Kitchen Tvm, With respect to kitchen modeling, most designers and architects, do not go in deep of understanding what the customer really needs as per his way of functioning in the kitchen. Sleek has always been proactive in this respect, understanding the customer’s exact needs before giving them a design plan. The Kitchen Specialist offers you advice on a couple of things to keep in mind when you decide to remodel your kitchen.

Material for the cabinet and shutters

The most commonly used commercial ply is absolutely unworkable for an Indian kitchen, which involves a lot of water usage. Your kitchen will be soon puffing at the edges. Marine ply shutters is better in this respect. Today, there are a wide range of textures, patterns and colors available in the market.

Considering durability and versatility, lacquered shutters are becoming increasingly popular than PU shutters and veneer shutters. Available in vibrant colors, its smooth finish won’t chip or crack easily. This stylish shutter is also UV resistant and water resistant so it wouldn’t fade with time. PU & lacquered shutters are also easy to clean and maintain.

Material for your countertop

For Indian kitchens, stone works best, you can choose marble or granite platforms, that are durable, look good and never lose their luster.


Stainless Steel is the best material for baskets and units as it is lifelong, easy to clean and looks good. But make sure your accessories are made of SS 304, as they are rust-free. Many imported brands like Grass also offer flat-bottomed baskets that look very attractive and are extremely easy to clean.


The beauty of kitchen will last as much as your inner quality is considerably good. Hinges, knobs and drawer slides should be of excellent quality, as this will determine the durability and performance of your kitchen. Pay extra attention to your hardware.

Sinks and Faucet

Prefer sink of wide dimensions, and make sure the design fits well with the overall look of your kitchen. Faucets have undergone a facelift, with varieties that can send you in tizzy, but choose your faucet which is practically good, as you will have to use it day in and day out.


The kitchen has become a workstation with a hi-technology range of appliances. Four-burner hobs in toughened glass and steel. Chimneys with baffle filters for shoot-free coking, and to cut down the smoke and smell in the kitchen. Built-in oven and microwaves for quick and healthy food. Kitchen appliances are now popular among Indian kitchens.

Sleek Modular Kitchen Tvm, Kitchen designing in the most modern style requires much more aspects to consider with respect to the above factors. Therefore kitchen designing will be perfect in the hands of kitchen designer or a specialist.

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