Best Kitchen Designs TVM, Choosing the color of your kitchen is the most important factor that determines your cooking space, as it can affect your mood positively or otherwise. And this mood thus created changes the taste of the food you cook. The Kitchen Specialist provides you a few tips on how to choose the right color for your kitchen that works best for you.

Your color palate should consist of three colors, with the primary color occupying at least 60 percent of the room, and that includes walls and the floor.

Take samples of shutter, wall tiles, and match it with your floor tiles and countertops to create a color synergy.

The single color concept is very in, with multiple shades of the same color used to create a monochromatic effect. Like if you choose orange, play around with the various shades of orange.

Modular Kitchen Showroom in Trivandrum
Modular Kitchen Showroom in Trivandrum

Try a combination of contrasting colors to create a fascinating effect. Like instead of choosing an orange to go with a red, try green. It will give you a most dramatic look.

If you prefer to be adventurous, then choose colors which are next to each other on the color wheel, like combining shades of lime green, lemon yellow and orange. A combination that will give a bright and cheery look to your kitchen.

You can choose cool shades of blue and green to make your kitchen your sanctuary. This color scheme creates a lively atmosphere and looks very western.

Red is the color that more acute, but then a completely red kitchen will be too much for the eye. You could jus color one wall of the kitchen red, or choose alternate shutters in red, that could work just fine.

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