Modular Kitchen Showroom in Trivandrum

Best Modular Kitchen in TVM ,The design of a kitchen can change your life. It is absolutely right, considering the advantages of sleek kitchen and it benefits cannot be pushed to the back burner.Its advantages from the most innovative and stress-free storage ideas, to highly advanced kitchen appliances and kitchen fittings, sleek kitchen have made its functionality much more graceful. With the use of Marine Ply in the making of kitchen cabinets have given the kitchen a perfectly finished look, with water-proof protection. Kitchen cabinets on the walls provides good storage space, especially utilizing free space on corners as well.

The pioneer in wires baskets (kitchen trolleys), Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist has introduced the kitchen trolley designs for the new generation. Today, kitchen trolleys in the Sleek stable have such extraordinary innovations like the swivel larder unit, magic corners, European cutlery unit and under sink units. Grass Nova Pro baskets, Kitchen fittings from Grass like the soft-closing mechanism and the Kinvaro lift-up flaps for overhead units are other more popular units. Creative backsplashes, LED lighting, floating shelves, attractive kitchen shutters and new PU shutters are the other products besides the kitchen cabinets and kitchen trolleys.
Best Modular Kitchen in TVM, You can also find five burner hobs to induction hobs, free standing kitchen chimneys to decorative chimneys, built-in kitchen ovens to the classic range of kitchen sinks, all at sleek outlet.

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